Check the map to see which areas of the city the service is active in and organise your journeys.

Outside of the areas indicated, it will not be possible to drive the vehicle, make stops or park.
On the Pikyrent app, the map is always up-to-date and shows the location of the vehicles in real time.


The map, which can be viewed on the app and on the website, shows a blue area representing the area where the service is operational (Operational Area). You can park within this area.

Parking is allowed only within the Operating Area (blue).

Within the Operating Zone, you can park for free:

  • in all areas where free parking is allowed
  • in parking spaces marked out by white stripes
  • in parking spaces marked out by blue stripes

Be careful never to park your vehicle:

  • outside the operational area
  • at dangerous or obstructive points for road traffic (e.g. intersections, near traffic lights, in a double row, etc.)
  • in no parking areas
  • in private condominium areas
  • in garages, private car parks
  • in disabled parking spaces
  • near the ramps for the disabled
  • with 1, 2, 3 or all wheels on the pavement
  • on pedestrian crossings
  • on cycle paths
  • in front of hospitals or clinics
  • in front of barracks
  • in private areas
  • in areas where GPS signal cannot be detected
  • wherever parking is prohibited by the Highway Code and/or Municipal Regulations

The blue zone is the one in which the service is operational, that is, the one within which you can drive and park the vehicle (Operating Area). The area outside the operating area is not covered by the service. Outside of it, you will not be able to drive the vehicle, make stops or end the rental without incurring penalties.