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We are an innovative start-up founded in 2019 with the aim of developing eco-friendly projects in the field of smart mobility.

With our micromobility service and our fleet of fully electric vehicles, we want to help initiate a process of change in urban mobility, which can pave the way for global improvement in quality of life.

The future will see us increasingly committed to the development of smart cities and therefore of smart mobility: we have chosen to work on a simple but safe model of shared mobility.



Vehicle sharing maximises sustainability because it increases the load factor and utilisation factor of cars. By contast private vehicles remain unused 90% of the time.

Micromobility vehicles also adapt the size of the vehicle to the real volume of what they carry, reducing traffic, overcrowding, waste, and costs.

To reduce the carbon footprint left by every citizen moving within the city, the ideal vehicle should have zero CO2 emissions, accommodate one or more passengers safely, allow the transport of items such as shopping or bags, and take up less space when parking.

Our fleet of Pikyrent vehicles meets these requirements: microcars and electric scooters of small size but with such a range to optimise every single journey.

Our mission


Pikyrent aims to decongest urban centres from internal combustion engines, to help decrease the amount of fine dust, pollutants, CO2, heat generation, noise pollution and therefore the cost per capita due to air pollution.

Shared mobility is the solution to the problem of the last mile: combining electric vehicles with urban transport makes it possible to reduce distances — geographical and social —, meet the practical needs of citizens and consequently increase the overall perceived quality.

Pikyrent wants to help reduce the number of vehicles in circulation and introduce vehicles that are newer, more technologically advanced, and always well maintained for a positive impact on road safety, on traffic circulation and livability in the city.

Shared mobility is the future

A simple future for everyone

Free floating

Search for vehicles on the map or directly on the street.
Pikyrent has chosen the free-floating mode so you can use the fleet freely and without return constraints. When you finish using your chosen vehicle, you can leave it wherever you want.


Do you need to stop for an errand or wait for a passenger? You can make all the stops you want, even parking the vehicle, without losing priority.


By choosing shared micro-mobility you actively contribute to reducing traffic, overcrowding, and waste by using vehicles that reduce carbon footprint by producing zero CO2 emissions.