The service is active in the Municipality of Bari. Specifically within the Operating Area marked in blue and outlined on the Pikyrent app.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, or a device with a Google Android operating system, you can download Pikyrent by clicking on this link:

If you have an iPhone or iPad, or a device with an Apple iOS operating system, you can download Pikyrent by clicking on this link:

You must first register on the app, entering your personal data, your email, your mobile number and, lastly, setting a password.

Once you have sent your contact details, you will receive a verification code by email and one by sms. By entering them in the app, you can complete the registration. If you do not receive the codes, check the spam folder or you can always go back to the registration form and click on "resend sms" or "resend email".

To complete your registration with the service, you need to enter your driver's licence details (number, issuing authority and expiration date), upload a front and back photo of your driver's licence and a selfie holding your driver's licence, and add a payment method. One of our operators will then verify your data before enabling you to use the service.

Once you have completed your registration with the service, entered all your driver's licence details (number, issuing body and expiry date) and uploaded a front and back photo of your driver's licence and a selfie holding your driver's licence, the process of verifying compliance is started by one of our operators. Verification can take place within 24-48 hours of the request and at the end of the procedure, you will be enabled to use the service.

Of course! In the Profile section within the app you will be able to view all the information about your Pikyrent rentals. The available information includes: start and end time, cost of the trip, km travelled, etc.

Subscription from the service can be done autonomously from the app by following these steps:

Menu - ProfileDelete account

The credit on the wallet will not be refunded as stated in the terms and conditions signed in the moment of the registration.

Open the map on the Pikyrent app, search for our vehicles, go to the nearest one and, when you are less than 1 meter away, press the start rental button. If you are already near one of the Pikyrent vehicles, you can directly scan the QR Code

If the app tells you that the vehicle is “not available for rental”, then it may have a flat battery, or need maintenance or have already been booked by another user. Find another one and repeat the procedure.

If the vehicle is available, after starting the rental, you will hear the "click" of the microcar’s lock release or the moped’s trunk opening and, once inside the vehicle, you can start driving!

Of course! If you can't start your trip right away, you can book your vehicle for up to 20 minutes at a reduced rate, during which time no one else can rent the particular vehicle you booked. After 20 minutes without you having activated the rental, the vehicle returns to "available" and can be rented or booked by other users. Select one of our vehicles from the map on the Pikyrent app and click on the "Book" button.

Park the vehicle, taking care to park it in a permitted area. Once stopped, after making sure that the vehicle is properly locked and that it is equipped with all the accessories supplied, open the app and click on "End rental".

You're probably experiencing one of these issues:

  • You are trying to close the rental outside the service coverage area (Operating Area)
  • At your location, there is a poor coverage of the GPS signal. Move a few metres and try again.
  • There is not a good internet connection (WiFi or mobile network), that is, you are in an area where the vehicle cannot connect to the Internet. Move a few metres and try again.

If you are using a Piky car, to end the rental you must have activated the handbrake, closed the windows and both doors.

If you are using a Piky scooter, to end the rental you must have stored both helmets in the appropriate trunk and you must have placed the vehicle on its stand.

If you do not fall into any of these categories, call our Customer Service immediately. It is available 24 hours a day on the toll-free number 800078506 or send a whatsapp message to the number 3454572929.

Enter the voucher code in the app from the menu Subscriptions and Promotions -> Promotions -> Insert Voucher.
The voucher will automatically be used as payment method for the rental. You can use it for a single rental or reuse it for multiple rentals if you still have some minutes left. Remember to always have credit in your wallet for unlocking or booking the vehicle.


No, no security deposits are required. To start the rental, you only have to pay the unlock fee and the hourly rate (according to the pay as you go formula). The app will automatically charge €10 when the payment method is entered.

Renting a Piky car or a Piky scooter costs very little! You pay only for the actual time of use (pay as you go) at a per-minute rate. Check out our great prices in the app or on the Rates page.

When subscribing to the service you are asked to choose and enter a payment method from:

  • Credit / Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/UnionPay)
  • Prepaid credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/UnionPay)

Through these payment methods you will have to top up your wallet on the app through which you can pay for the rental.

Remember to have a balance of at least €3 for the rental of scooters and €7 for the rental of cars, otherwise you will not be able to start the service. The app will automatically charge €10 for the first top-up.

The App will withdraw the amount due directly from the credit, debit or prepaid card provided during registration. After this withdrawal you will see your wallet balance as negative until the next top up.

Your Pikyrent account will be blocked until you have topped up your wallet. In the event that you have debts due to your last rental, we will subtract that amount from your top up, and we will credit the rest to your wallet. You can then resume renting Pikyrent vehicles in no time!

Our vehicles are insured for accidents, damage, fire and theft. If one of these conditions occurs, Pikyrent will activate the respective policies including the relative deductibles to be borne by the user. However, it is recommended during the rental to take care of and handle the vehicles according to the principles of due diligence.

The penalty is charged as a result of behaviours that do not comply with the General Conditions and Management Regulations (e.g. damage to the vehicle, driving of the vehicle by a person other than the user, failure to report an accident, transport of a number of people beyond the threshold provided by the vehicle registration card, etc.).

You can call our 24/7 Customer Service team toll-free at 800078506, send a whatsapp message to 3454572929, or email a support request to: Our operators will be happy to help you.


The driving mode of a Piky car is the same as a vehicle with an automatic gearbox, but without the key. Once the rental is started from the app, the headlights and the panel turn on and the door opens. At this point, you can get into the vehicle. The gear modes are present in the form of keys to the left of the driving seat, at the bottom and are operated by pressing the corresponding key (D = forward; R = reverse; N = neutral) while simultaneously applying slight pressure on the brake. After the gear is engaged, the user can start the microcar by pressing on the acceleration pedal. The Piky cars are equipped with an audible warning, directional arrows and emergency lights. As with all electric vehicles, acceleration from a standstill is very fast and therefore it is better to use the accelerator sparingly.

The moped driving mode is the same as for all mopeds, but without the key. Once the rental is started from the app, the lights and the panel turn on. The helmet case will open and you need to unplug one or both helmets. Then close the case firmly. At this point, you can get into the vehicle. To start riding with the scooter, the green READY sign on the dashboard must be on. If not, make sure you have removed the stand and that the scooter is positioned straight. If the word "READY" does not appear yet, press the button with the symbol . and pull the two brakes at the same time. Then you can start the scooter by rotating the accelerator. The scooter only has one running mode. The Piky scooters are equipped with an audible warning, directional arrows and emergency lights. As with all electric vehicles, acceleration from a standstill is very fast and therefore it is better to use the accelerator sparingly. Never accelerate before the rental is started and the scooter is properly turned on.

Of course! If you want to use your personal helmet, please ensure that it is approved for the vehicle. The start and ending procedure both for rental and for a quick stop require that the helmet case will be opened automatically. Always make sure it is closed properly.

No. Pikyrent has chosen the free-floating mode to give you the possibility to use the fleet freely and without the constraints of recharging and redelivery. Our operators will recharge the vehicles and make sure they are always ready for use.


The map, which can be viewed on the app and on the website, shows a blue area representing the area where the service is operational (Operational Area). You can park within this area.

Parking is allowed only within the Operating Area (blue).

Within the Operating Zone, you can park for free:

  • in all areas where free parking is allowed
  • in parking spaces marked out by white stripes
  • in parking spaces marked out by blue stripes

Be careful never to park your vehicle:

  • outside the operational area
  • at dangerous or obstructive points for road traffic (e.g. intersections, near traffic lights, in a double row, etc.)
  • in no parking areas
  • in private condominium areas
  • in garages, private car parks
  • in disabled parking spaces
  • near the ramps for the disabled
  • with 1, 2, 3 or all wheels on the pavement
  • on pedestrian crossings
  • on cycle paths
  • in front of hospitals or clinics
  • in front of barracks
  • in private areas
  • in areas where GPS signal cannot be detected
  • wherever parking is prohibited by the Highway Code and/or Municipal Regulations

The blue zone is the one in which the service is operational, that is, the one within which you can drive and park the vehicle (Operating Area). The area outside the operating area is not covered by the service. Outside of it, you will not be able to drive the vehicle, make stops or end the rental without incurring penalties.

During the rental it is possible to make stops, provided that the vehicle is always parked appropriately, according to the rules indicated. Each stop can have a maximum duration of 30 minutes during which you will be charged a reduced rate. After this maximum time of 30 minutes, the rental will continue at a standard rate.

No. Pikyrent vehicles may not travel on bypasses, freeways, highways and in general on roads with a specific cylinder capacity limitation.

To drive a Pikyrent vehicle you must be at least 18 years of age as indicated in the Regulations, which must be read and signed at the time of registration.

As it is a light quadricycle it is sufficient to have an AM or higher licence (A1-A2-B etc.).

As it is a category L1e scooter, it is sufficient to have an AM or higher licence.

Yes, you can drive a Piky car or a Piky Scooter with an international driving licence, with any driving licence of a state belonging to the European Union and with the sworn translation of the driving licence of a non-European state. For further information you can contact Customer Service by calling the toll-free number 800078506, by sending a whatsapp message  to the number 3454572929 or by sending an email to

If you are involved in an accident, you must inform Pikyrent Customer Service immediately, describing the details of the accident, the damage to the vehicle and providing the exact address of where it is located.

You are required to remain at the scene of the accident until the arrival of the Pikyrent operator, unless you need medical care, in which case call for help immediately.

In the event that you are involved in an accident with unidentified vehicles, you are protected by insurance coverage, but you will be charged an excess.

Remember to report the incident to the competent authority, fill in the CID form where possible and send Pikyrent all the documentation of the accident by sending the original copy to the administrative office (Pikyrent srl - Strada Vassallo n. 1, 70124 – Bari).